Water on track from another car led to wreck - Kubica

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Water on track from another car led to wreck - Kubica

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Water on track from another car led to wreck - Kubica


Robert Kubica explained that his crash at the start of FP2 at the Brazilian Grand Prix was the result of unfortunate timing after Kevin Magnussen had run wide and left water on the track.

Magnussen’s Haas was around five seconds ahead of Kubica’s Williams on track and ran slightly wide out of Turn 2, resulting in some standing water in the exit curb being thrown onto the racing line. Kubica — who had missed FP1 while Nicholas Latifi drove for Williams — was the next car through the corner and the car snapped away from him, with his attempts to catch the slide failing as he hit the barrier on the outside of the circuit and heavily damaged the FW42.

“This was my first lap around here, I lost the car in a very nasty way, which I didn’t really understand,” Kubica said. “But after reviewing, the Haas who was in front of me by a few seconds, he went off, over the curb, and pulled out quite a lot of water. You can see when I approached with the left-front tire, I was lifting a lot of water. I was with the hard tire, and lost it completely.”

Kubica says the situation sums up his luck at present, believing there was nothing he or his team could have done to be aware of the wet track given how quickly the incident unfolded.

“It’s frustrating because we need a bit of luck. It was unfortunate I was the first car there. But that’s how it is — that’s motorsport. It was very strange. I only understood it when I saw video, otherwise I thought something had broke — but there was no failure. It’s just I was with hard tires, went over the water and lost it.

“It is never nice to lose free practice, it’s never nice to crash the car, but I think today was bad luck. If I would be closer to him, I would see it. If I was a few seconds later, my engineer would have told me.

“I was completely shocked by what happened. I was completely unprepared, but it’s difficult to be prepared in such a situation.”

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