Saleen unveils GT4 challenger

Saleen unveils GT4 challenger

SRO America

Saleen unveils GT4 challenger


Saleen has unveiled the concept model for its new GT4 race car.

The Saleen GT4 is a race version of the turbo-charged mid-engined Saleen 1 road car, designed for competition in GT4 series around the world.

Saleen’s GT4 concept features distinct changes from the standard production model, including updates designed to comply with GT4 series specifications. The Saleen GT4 concept features updates to the car’s front splitter and fenders, plus new advanced rear diffuser to improve aerodynamics. In accordance with GT4 specifications, a large rear wing is included to add maximum downforce and traction. Saleen’s GT4 concept car also offers front and rear anti-lock braking systems and other GT4-specific equipment.

Production is scheduled to begin at Saleen’s Corona, California facility next month.

“We developed the Saleen 1 to be fully capable on the track and easily adapt to racing applications,” said Steve Saleen, CEO and founder of Saleen Automotive. “Our company was founded on racing DNA and the track is where we prove our reputation. We look forward to completing the homologation process with SRO, and seeing these cars compete at GT4 events around the world.”

The GT4 category was created by the Stephane Ratel Organisation (SRO) in 2007 to offer a championship that featured a wider range of manufacturers and better affordability than other racing series. Starting with an initial series in Europe, GT4 racing has expanded worldwide with additional championships in the United Kingdom, North America, Asia and Australia.

“The Saleen Cup has been an important and exciting addition to our race weekends in 2019 and we look forward to the Saleen GT4 joining our Pirelli GT4 America grids in 2020,” said Greg Gill, President and CEO of SRO America.

Once Saleen’s GT4 concept car completes homologation approval and begins production, the expected price for each car will be $225,000.