Promoters have confidence in Brawn - Epstein

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Promoters have confidence in Brawn - Epstein

Formula 1

Promoters have confidence in Brawn - Epstein


Circuit of The Americas CEO Bobby Epstein says the race promoters have a lot of confidence in Formula 1’s managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn.

F1 is working to finalize the 2021 regulations at present, with a number of teams pushing back against some proposals claiming that they make the cars too prescriptive and close to a spec series. Brawn has been leading the work on future changes alongside a dedicated team within F1 and the FIA, and while the teams are proving hard to get on side, Epstein says the promoters are in favor of the work being done.

“We actually have a lot of confidence in Ross Brawn,” Epstein told RACER. “I think that’s a shared feeling across the sport on behalf of the fans and the promoters, and so I think F1’s very, very aware of their challenges.

“I don’t think they anticipated such a turbulence when they came up with the latest iteration of rules. It will hopefully be corrected next time around but I don’t think they anticipated this kind of wake or turbulence behind the lead car and that it would be so hard to overtake.

“So once they correct that issue alone I think we’re going to see an improvement, and then the modifications to the cars beyond that, it’s going to be some good racing.”

Epstein’s support comes without being significantly involved with the discussions regarding the sport’s future at this stage, as F1 deals directly with the teams on finalizing technical regulations.

“We’re informed after the fact, completely! There’s no input from the promoters that I know of, but I don’t know all the promoters. It’s between the sport and the teams.”

While certain aspects such as the engine sound remain an area that some stakeholders want to change, Epstein is encouraged by the direction F1 is heading in with its 2021 regulations as he believes they address the more fundamental issues within the sport.

“Do we think they’re going to increase the sound? Either way, a new fan doesn’t say anything about it. I think more important than anything is the competition.”