Suarez "still working" on 2020 plans to remain with SHR

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Suarez "still working" on 2020 plans to remain with SHR


Suarez "still working" on 2020 plans to remain with SHR


Daniel Suarez said “we’re still working on it” when again asked about his status for next year with Stewart-Haas Racing.

“I feel like the next week or two are going to be extremely important for us,” Suarez said. “Everything is looking good. I’m positive. Like I’ve said before, and I have mentioned this several times, everything is about sponsorship, and everything is looking good. We have some good shots out there, just this year was pretty eventful, and the way that companies move around, and ARRIS was bought by another company, so there’s a lot of things moving left and right, but everything is looking pretty good.”

Suarez clarified his in saying “the next week or two” was regarding negotiations and not performance. He added that every week on track is important.

“Sponsorship wise, we have a lot of good things, hopefully, happening in the next week,” he said. “We’re working very hard, but like I said, this year has been actually a pretty good year when it comes to the sponsors, it’s just been moving a little bit slower than what we wish for.”

The No. 41 Ford has primary sponsorship from Haas Automation (founded by team co-owner Gene Haas) and ARRIS.

Suarez is in the first year of his deal with SHR. There is an option on his contract for next year for the team as well as for him.

The only SHR car to fail to make the playoffs, Suarez has 10 top-10 finishes in the 30 races. He is 18th in the point standings.

“The year definitely went by quick,” he said. “It’s been kind of a crazy year with a little of everything. We have had some good performance, we have had some bad ones too, and some average. But we have to keep working hard. You’re as good as your last race, so we have to close the year as strong as possible.”