Steiner could face FIA summons over radio messages

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Steiner could face FIA summons over radio messages

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Steiner could face FIA summons over radio messages


Haas team principal Guenther Steiner could find himself called to speak to the FIA regarding radio messages sent to Kevin Magnussen during the Russian Grand Prix.

Magnussen was handed a five-second time penalty for leaving the track and not re-joining as instructed at Turn 2, after he did not negotiate both bollards in the run-off area. The penalty came despite the Dane losing a position to Sergio Perez by going around one of the bollards, a decision that Magnussen described as “bull****” after the race.

In a radio message from Steiner to Magnussen after the checkered flag – when the Haas had been demoted to ninth behind Lando Norris due to the time penalty – Steiner said “if we wouldn’t have a stupid, idiotic steward we would be eighth” to which Magnussen replied: ”Yeah thanks buddy, what a load of s***.”

Though he had already been approached by Haas team manager Pete Crolla, FIA race director Michael Masi had not heard the radio message for himself when he spoke to media on Sunday evening but said there are ways for the FIA to take further action if needed.

“I think the first part is, it’s not for me to determine what that is,” Masi said. “That’s probably the very first element of where that sits. The FIA has got its various judicial processes, being at the circuit with the stewards.

“There’s various other processes and avenues that exist within the judicial and disciplinary rules that the FIA has, and I’ve heard about the comments that were made on the radio, I haven’t seen them directly. I’m not going to comment on what those are. At the end of the day, we’re all here to do a job, be it officials, the teams, everyone. So I think there has to be a level of mutual respect. 

“But with regards to the specific comments, I haven’t seen them, so I’d prefer not to comment on them until I have. If something has been said that is inappropriate, there are those who are in charge of the judicial elements away from the event that can look at it.”

Steiner also visited race control following the race – although Masi said he did not speak to the team principal himself – and cancelled his media commitments on Sunday evening.

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