Teams working to remain united on 2021 regulations - Wolff

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Teams working to remain united on 2021 regulations - Wolff

Formula 1

Teams working to remain united on 2021 regulations - Wolff


Toto Wolff insists the teams are united on their desire to get the 2021 Formula 1 regulations right even if a compromise is proving difficult to find.

A special meeting of the FIA, F1 and all 10 teams in Paris last week led to the postponement of the final 2021 regulations for another four months. The teams and other stakeholders had to be unanimous in their support for the delay, and Wolff said that while teams continue to have their differences, it is important it is to get sporting, technical and commercial changes right.

“Last week, the 10 F1 teams met with the FIA and Formula 1,” Wolff said. “We agreed to postpone the presentation of the 2021 regulations until October, giving us all more time to work on them to achieve our shared goals.

“Formula 1 is the undisputed pinnacle of motorsports; every weekend, millions of fans around the globe share our excitement about racing. We want to use the unique opportunity of the 2021 regulations to make the series even more exciting for the fans, to make the racing more competitive and to grow the sport globally.

“Finding the right compromise between the various stakeholders is not easy, but we’re united in our passion for racing and our will to define a set of rules that will see Formula 1 thrive in the next decade.”

Focusing on the more immediate matter of the French Grand Prix, Mercedes has won every race so far this season, but Wolff said the difficulties both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas faced in Canada highlight where improvements are needed.

“Canada was something of a wake-up call for us,” he admitted. “After a run of very good reliability over the opening six races, we experienced a number of problems over the course of the weekend, almost all of which were of our own making – from the problem with the fuel system on Valtteri’s car in FP1, to the hydraulic leak on Lewis’ car, which we had to fix on the morning before the race.

“We were fortunate that those reliability issues were exposed when we still had the chance to solve them, but we know that they could have easily ruined our weekend, and it is down to the great skill of our mechanics that they didn’t.”