Prep-it-yourself race car maintenance

Prep-it-yourself race car maintenance

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Prep-it-yourself race car maintenance


Be ready to tackle your own race car maintenance at home

Some racers are fortunate enough to have the space to build or rent a proper race shop or the resources to hire a team to handle all the prep for them. But, in many cases that’s not feasible, so pre-race prep work needs to be done in the home garage by the racers. spoke to some pros about the best practices racers can use at home.

“It might seem like a daunting task, but I wouldn’t get too nervous or anxious about [prepping a race car out of a home garage] because when we’re at the racetrack, we don’t have the comforts of a full shop,” says Winding Road Racing mechanic Brian Falcon. “We have what we bring in our trailer. We have to do gearbox swaps on our back on the ground when we need to, so if you have to do the same thing in your garage, it’s not that bad of a task.

“Some things can be a little bit cumbersome,” he admits. “Be patient, and if you need help, ask for help … don’t hurt yourself trying to manhandle a transmission out all by yourself.”

In order to do a transmission swap or basic pre-race prep in your garage, it’s helpful to have the right space to work in and the right tools to work with. Mark Nichols is the owner of Iron Canyon Motorsports, a car builder and prep shop in Southern California. Nichols recently downsized his business, moving from a shop to his garage at home to help eliminate a lot of overhead.

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