SVRA's newest premium consumer brand partner

SVRA's newest premium consumer brand partner

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SVRA's newest premium consumer brand partner


Ocean Organic Vodka has joined the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s (SVRA) line-up of high-end consumer brands on its roster. The top-selling Hawaiian vodka, made from organic sugar cane blended with deep ocean mineral water, has a global distribution well suited to SVRA’s expansive array of vintage machinery.

“I am extremely impressed by Ocean Organic Vodka’s unique market positioning, and I am proud to highlight this outstanding brand among our motorsports community,” said SVRA CEO Tony Parella, “Ocean has taken a leadership position through innovation and the determination to produce the best vodka in the world. This mirrors the sentiment within our extended family — a passion for life and appreciation for the finest quality in every aspect of living.”

“We see our spirit of ‘aloha’ — positive energy with fun-loving experiences — reflected in vintage racing and especially at SVRA,” said Shay Smith, founder and president of Hawai‘i Sea Spirits, makers of Ocean Organic Vodka. “SVRA drivers and their fans are very enthusiastic, just as we are, exemplified in our desire to share our experience of paradise with the rest of the world.

“We live with pride in our motto: ‘Raising Spirits Naturally,'” Smith added.

Ocean Organic Vodka joins other premium consumer brands on the growing list of SVRA experiential partners that already include Jaguar, Land Rover, Merrill Lynch, NetJets, Sunoco, and Mazda. SVRA’s nationwide platform is at the heart of the organization’s growth strategy. It is combined with the significant participation of legendary professional drivers and leveraging the high net worth demographic in the paddock for partner-sponsorship attraction.

Company officials report consistent triple-digit growth annually since 2012.