Lacie Edens pursuing her autocross dream

Lacie Edens pursuing her autocross dream

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Lacie Edens pursuing her autocross dream


Mazda competitor Lacie Edens takes the next step with the Wendi Allen Scholarship

Mazda autocrosser Lacie Edens recently won the Wendi Allen Scholarship fund that gives back to the sport by helping women become more successful drivers and contributing members of the Sports Car Club of America. For the second year in a row, Mazda has stepped up to supply funding for an additional scholarship recipient.

Edens, who finished second in her class at the 2018 SCCA Tire Rack Solo National Championships in Lincoln, Neb., will use the funds to help her and husband Chris travel to the Mineral Wells ProSolo, an event she notes she wouldn’t be doing otherwise, and a foray into a form of autocross she doesn’t regularly participate in.

“Even with the success that I’ve seen and my growth in autocross, I still feel like a beginner,” she says. “I want more growth, more seat time, and I want to learn more. I just feel like there’s no limit to how good you can become as a driver. My intent is to use this opportunity to learn and grow more and push myself out of my comfort zone to become the best driver that I can be.”

The Wendi Allen Scholarship Fund has historically funded two promising women autocrossers through the SCCA Foundation. This year, in addition to Edens, Tara Arnette and Jessica Black also received support.

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