SVRA Miata Heritage Cup keeps ’em coming back

SVRA Miata Heritage Cup keeps ’em coming back

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SVRA Miata Heritage Cup keeps ’em coming back


Series for NA-model Spec Miatas has attracted a loyal following of enthusiasts

The 2019 Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) Mazda Miata Heritage Cup has launched with a couple of races in Georgia – at Roebling Road in February and Road Atlanta last weekend. Bailey Sigler took both victories in the race for NA-generation Spec Miatas at Roebling, while Marc Cefalo and Tim Johnson split wins at Road Atlanta. Cefalo has won more Miata Heritage Cup races than any other driver and keeps coming back for more.

“SVRA just has a much different vibe to it, in a positive way,” the Planet Miata owner explains. “We do countless race weekends throughout the season; SVRA is a nice place for myself and my wife to come out and bring the older-body-style Miatas that we love in a very friendly environment. It just has a lot of positives – we get our own run group, and a decent amount of track time, especially on the test days. [SVRA CEO Tony Parella] puts on a really good program and we’re hopeful that it continues.”

Mike Rossini, a noted SM engine builder, prep shop owner and, of course, racer, echoes many of the same thoughts on the Miata Heritage Cup. Not only is it good racing, but at some events like Road Atlanta, it shared the bill not only with some great vintage car racing, but also the Trans-Am Series and the VROC Pro-Am charity race presented by RACER Magazine that attracted drivers such as Mike Skinner, Geoff Brabham, Johnny Parsons, Al Unser Jr., Willy T. Ribbs and Chris Dyson.

“They lay out the red carpet for us,” Rossini says. “The competitors, the cars, the whole atmosphere … I’ve been telling everybody, if you come once, you come back, and I think everybody would agree with me on that. Tony Parella does an awesome job, and he interacts with us and is always asking what else he can do. And, of course, the tracks we get to come to, being involved with Trans Am and the press that we get, it’s perfect.”

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