HMSA launches 2019 season at Laguna

HMSA launches 2019 season at Laguna

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HMSA launches 2019 season at Laguna


The Historic Motor Sports Association launched its 2019 season under perfect weather for the Spring Club season opener at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca last weekend.

“This was such a great way to start the season,” HMSA President Cris Vandagriff said. “We had a lot of great cars and this event is always low key for us, but it’s invaluable in terms of letting everyone shake out the cobwebs and really prepare for another year of racing.”

One of the features of the Spring Club event  was the large number of Formula Ford entries. They were racing in the Crossflow Cup over the weekend, but also preparing for the 50th anniversary of the Formula Ford in August.

Tiburon, California racer Martin Lauber and his business partners agreed to host a party at the Revival Road shop near the track to introduce HMSA racers to the new Formula Ford racers on site, who battled for the Crossflow Cup honors.

“When I started talking to (HMSA President) Cris about hosting the party, I got my partners Greg Greneu and Marc Zurlinden and Kelly and Michelle from to agree to have everyone gather because what Andrew Wait and the rest of the Formula Ford racers are doing is unique,” Lauber said. “We all know each other and racing is reasonably safer if you have a face that goes with the car on the track with you. It’s real hard to (race dangerously) next to someone if you shared a taco and a beer with them the night before.”

Lauber said HMSA was the perfect host for the Crossflow Cup challenge.

“HMSA events and the tracks they race at are great tracks,” Lauber said. “Cris attracts great people to operate the events and he gets the best tracks and that brings in a high caliber of cars and drivers. It was a wonderful way to be able to introduce the Crossflow Cup to other HMSA racers.”

Andrew Wait has been organizing the Formula Fords and the Crossflow Cup and working with HMSA for three years. He said he was pleased with the opening weekend overall.

“We had two groups of 30 cars each and 95 percent of it was green flag racing,” Wait said. “On top of that, we got to run Laguna Seca. This is one of the favorite events for vintage racers, especially in California because 90 percent of vintage racers never get to run Laguna Seca. The ability to run Laguna with such a classy and supportive organization was great. We loved it and it’s why this is our third year with HMSA.”

The 2019 schedule of events for the Historic Motor Sports Association, which requires period-correct race cars and features some of the longest-running events in the country, can be found at

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