Bottas coy on Australia ‘f*** you’ radio message

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Bottas coy on Australia ‘f*** you’ radio message

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Bottas coy on Australia ‘f*** you’ radio message


Valtteri Bottas refused to reveal who he was addressing with his strongly-worded radio message after winning the Australian Grand Prix.

After a winless 2018, Bottas started this season in the perfect manner by dominating at Albert Park and picking up the extra point for the fastest lap as well. While celebrating after the checkered flag, Bottas delivered the radio message “To whom it may concern: F*** you”, but has yet to say who he was targeting with the statement.

“It would be quite a long list, unfortunately, but that’s how it goes,” Bottas said. “I’m sure that people to whom it was destined, they know who they are…

“The message just came, I just wanted to send my best regards, that’s it. I didn’t think about it, I didn’t plan it, it just came. Obviously there’s many people that support you — that I really appreciate a lot, the people that have been around me, supporting me.

“In sport there are always ups and downs and you can always see the true support quite easily. During the difficult times there’s always the other part, which is a lot more negative. That’s their weakness, anyway.

“I can’t say the criticism was unfair, because everybody can say whatever they want. But just for whom it may concern, they should look in the mirror, sometimes, and think why they do that. For me, it’s OK now.”

Bottas leads the way in Melbourne. Image by Sam Bloxham/LAT.

After taking only the fourth win of his Formula 1 career, Bottas expects his victory in Melbourne to boost his whole season due to the confidence he will take into the year.

“In sport, and especially in this sport, the confidence you get from the results is a massive help. It boosts you a lot, even through the difficult times that will come anyway, every season; but you always remember the good ones and you get strength from knowing you can do something like (in Melbourne).

“I was obviously one year without a win, so this is absolutely the win I wanted and it’s going to be a big boost for this year. It was the perfect start of the year, very different from last year, so we just need to keep it up and build from what we’ve learned, as a team, from this weekend. And it’s the same thing for myself.”