Spirit of Mazda: Johanna Foege

Spirit of Mazda: Johanna Foege

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Spirit of Mazda: Johanna Foege


“Everything she does, she wants to be the best at,” says Lexie Murray of Johanna Foege, her friend and fellow Wendi Allen Scholarship recipient. “That really speaks to her challenger spirit. In everything, her goal is to be the best, be number one – every Tour, every event, she wants to win it. She wants to win not only the class, she wants to take top PAX.

“It’s amazing to watch her and [Foege’s fiancé Clint Griest] work together,” Murray continues. “Seasons are long, and they have that drive for so many events. Going into [the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships], they had some bad luck with changing weather conditions. But the whole time, she said, ‘I’m going to do it. I’m going to try my best to win.’ Consistently setting those lofty goals and achieving them is really cool. They ran into some trouble this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a [championship] jacket come next year.”

Foege and Griest compete in SCCA autocross events in his E Street Prepared Mazdaspeed6, an unusual choice for a class filled with pony cars. But they’ve made it work well, and that’s without much aftermarket support for the model that was made in small numbers. “The way they tackle those challenges, going through so methodically to continually improve the car and continually adapt their driving is something that’s really cool about both of them, but Johanna specifically,” says Murray.

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