Track Night in America continues to grow

Track Night in America continues to grow

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Track Night in America continues to grow


Light and easy remain keywords for the SCCA program designed to make track time easily accessible

SCCA Track Night in America started as a way to get people cheap and easy track time. Conducted usually on weekday afternoons and/or evenings, it was designed to be convenient and not require high levels of commitment. As a result, the program’s popularity has continued to grow.

“We hit a 92 percent event occupancy rating for August of this year,” says Heyward Wagner, Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs for the SCCA. “Traditionally, this is a program that starts the year off around 82, 83 [percent] and dwindles to 70s in the hotter months. This year, as far as occupancy rate goes, it kept climbing and climbing. This is a really important metric to us, because it shows the popularity of the program.

“From that place, we are viewing this program as having reached a mature status,” Wagner adds. “It has a dedicated staff to keep it running, it has long-term partnerships that have been incredibly valuable and important to launching it, that are now being used to continue to improve the product [and] continue to improve the experience. It has a really strong following coast to coast.”

Because the program has reached that stature, the concentration for 2019 is not about big changes, but rather refinement and steady improvement.

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