Prep shop profile: Rossini Racing

Prep shop profile: Rossini Racing

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Prep shop profile: Rossini Racing


Mike Rossini is well known as a Spec Miata engine builder, attracting the likes of Michael Carter, Selin Rollan, Jonathan Goring and Danny Steyn as clients. But Rossini doesn’t just build engines – or just transmissions or just differentials. He builds cars, and he’s even working on several to build out as a rental fleet. He’s also moving into the transport and trackside support side of the equation as well.

Yes, business is booming – and it’s growing.

“My shop, until now, was just me, but recently I was able to get a wonderful protégé, Zach Amos,” says Rossini. “He’s a great person that’s going to be by my side now and we’re going to expand operations a bit.

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