IMSA makes more Prototype BoP tweaks for Mid Ohio

Image by Michael Levitt/LAT

IMSA makes more Prototype BoP tweaks for Mid Ohio


IMSA makes more Prototype BoP tweaks for Mid Ohio


IMSA’s plans to slow its factory Daytona Prototype internationals in order to help the privateer P2s with Balance of Performance changes for Long Beach and Mid-Ohio has undergone a second round of changes.

With the two-race BoP table proving ineffective at Long Beach, where DPis easily dispatched the pro-am P2s, another stage of performance restrictions has been applied to the nine Acuras, Cadillacs, Mazdas, and Nissans in an effort to bring the five P2s forward.

The championship-winning Cadillac DPi-V.Rs have lost another 0.6mm of volume from the pair of air restrictors that feed its 5.5-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engines, and in a sweeping change to all four models, the Cadillacs have lost two liters of fuel capacity (down to 64.0 liters).

The Acuras, on their North American home ground in Ohio, are down to 71.0 liters of fuel capacity, and have had more turbo boost taken away in the upper rev range of it’s twin-turbo V6s to reduce overall power output and top speed.

The same is true for Mazda with its single-turbo four-cylinder engine, which lost boost in the same upper rev range for the same desired drop in power and speed, and will have 71.0 liters of fuel capacity to work from.

Nissan’s twin-turbo V6 is also set to run with less boost as the motor winds to its redline, and with its loss of two liters of fuel, the cars will have a maximum of 75 liters on board.

Will it be enough to shift the competitive balance from factory teams to the small business owners fielding customer P2s? The answer will arrive Sunday during the Acura Sports Car Challenge at Mid-Ohio, starting at 1 p.m. ET.