Skip Barber Racing School: A clear path to road racing

Skip Barber Racing School: A clear path to road racing

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Skip Barber Racing School: A clear path to road racing


The path to competitive road racing can be confusing. Depending on the sanctioning body, the requirements can differ, and the process can vary.

The Skip Barber Three Day Racing School and Two Day Advanced Racing School are both SCCA accredited, and are the perfect path for drivers ready to get their Full Competition License and step up tot club racing. Skip Barber graduates are among the most successful racers in the world, with podium finishes spanning all facets of racing. The combination of highly experienced instructors and a curriculum that has been perfected over 40 years creates the ideal environment for drivers to improve their skills regardless of prior experience.

Skip Barber’s signature program is the Three Day Racing School, which is the ideal starting point for drivers ready to take the first step towards competitive road racing. The program builds the foundation required to go racing with extensive car control training, on track exercises and practical classroom training to ensure graduates are ready for their first competitive experience. Successful graduates of the Three Day Racing School are eligible for an SCCA Novice Permit, and can continue to the Two Day Advanced Racing School.

In the Advanced School, the foundation laid during the Three Day School is expanded upon, and drivers transition from student to racer. The focus turns from learning to polishing skills while finding speed and consistency with on-track instruction from world-renowned instructors. Drivers go wheel-to-wheel against the instructors to practice race situations and hone their racecraft. Upon successful completion of the Two Day Advanced Racing School, graduates are eligible for an SCCA Full Competition License. Drivers interested in racing with other organizations can then utilize their SCCA license to apply for a license from another sanctioning body without the need to start from scratch.

Getting off of the sidelines and on to the start line doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper instruction, and helpful guidance, the path to competitive road racing can be as simple as “brake, apex and exit.”

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