Inside SportsCar Magazine’s March 2018 issue

Inside SportsCar Magazine’s March 2018 issue

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Inside SportsCar Magazine’s March 2018 issue


Motorsport storytellers often concentrate on the winning, but this month, SportsCar magazine, RACER‘s sister publication and the official member magazine of the Sports Car Club of America, spends time with Fred White and his multi-year journey to the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs. White’s is not a budget-busting, podium-bound racing journal; rather, it’s a story of everyman. White’s dream of racing at the Runoffs, the speed bumps along the way and the triumph of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds are all told. His voyage is a rollercoaster, and one readers will enjoy.

The March issue of SportsCar also brings readers the story of SCCA Autocross’ first spec class, dubbed Solo Spec Coupe. This class has been a longtime in the making – in fact, many thought this would have occurred in the 1990s with the Dodge Neon. But while competitors had to wait to see a spec autocross class come to fruition, the delay was not in vain.

In addition to breaking news and the like, this issue also features a variety of safety stories ranging from ear protection to a first-person account of racing safety from multi-time Runoffs champion Andy McDermid. There are lessons to be learned in every off-track excursion, and SportsCar brings them all to the reader.

Members of the SCCA receive SportsCar magazine each month as a benefit of SCCA membership. The issue is available in both physical paper form and online through the member login at Join the SCCA now and read the digital version of the March 2018 issue of SportsCar tonight.

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