PWC to continue ratings adjustments for silver, bronze FIA competitors

PWC to continue ratings adjustments for silver, bronze FIA competitors

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PWC to continue ratings adjustments for silver, bronze FIA competitors


The Pirelli World Challenge will continue to exercise its option to revise driver classifications, a process also adopted by Stephane Ratel’s SRO organization.

The option PWC started in 2017 allows provisions for self-funded amateurs classified as Silver by the FIA to compete in the PWC’s GTA and GTSA divisions.

“We have been in close contact with the SRO and the FIA about global driver rankings,” said Greg Gill, WC Vision president and CEO. “It is imperative to the spirit of competition that fairness be maintained in all classes of drivers within the Series. “

Marcus Haselgrove, PWC Series vice president, explained that while the FIA system effectively covers the majority of its database, it has allowed for some paid professional drivers to be classified the same as some amateur drivers. As all major series regularly supply the FIA with their timing data, it is a process that is constantly improving.

“For GT3, we were able to apply changes that created a great GTA battle in 2017,” said Haselgrove. “For 2018, we will continue to monitor average lap times and permit self-funded amateurs to run in GTA.”

Haselgrove explained that the GTS class now consisting exclusively of the SRO-homologated GT4 cars were defined from the beginning as a “customer class.” “The auto manufacturers around the world have all given a commitment of a customer-based model,” he said.

In GTS, FIA-rated Bronze drivers, who have previously raced professionally, are permitted to race as Bronze drivers but must carry an additional ballast of 2.5 percent of the Appendix A vehicle weight. In SprintX, both GTS team drivers will accrue GTS SprintX points towards the overall championship.

GTS SprintX Silver-rated drivers, who are approved by the board as self-funded amateurs, will be permitted to drive alone in the GTS Sprint events with the addition of the 2.5 percent of the Appendix A vehicle weight.

Additionally, amateur drivers, who exhibit performance levels consistent with Bronze-rated drivers, may apply for or may be reclassified as Bronze drivers.

Under SR1.2.15, all decisions concerning the categorizations are taken under the authority of the FIA Drivers Categorization Committee. The PWC Competition Board retains the right to make any amendments to the FIA Categorization of any driver according to the criteria of the Pirelli World Challenge. Any drivers given a PWC classification will be indicated in the entry list with an asterisk.

The 2018 Pirelli World Challenge GT and GTS seasons open with doubleheader races in the streets of St. Petersburg on March 9-11, while the SprintX GT, SprintX GTS and Touring Car divisions begin their first 2018 competitions at Circuit of The Americas (COTA) on March 23-25.