Spirit of Mazda: Daryl Drummond

Spirit of Mazda: Daryl Drummond

Mazda Motorsports

Spirit of Mazda: Daryl Drummond


Longtime rotary engine builder has continued to push the envelope while helping Mazda racers

Anyone who races with Mazda rotary power has likely heard of Daryl Drummond. He is a legend, having built some of the most formidable Mazda powerplants that provide power and reliability to racers. From the first Formula Mazdas to the three-rotor RX-8s that won numerous IMSA GT races, Drummond has built it all and provided the power to numerous SCCA National Championships.

“He’s always been on the cutting edge of pushing technology forward with any of the development work he does,” says Rob Warkocki, who attributes his two SCCA GT-3 Runoffs wins to Drummond’s engines. “He’s primarily been with the club racing thing since the beginning of his career, supporting club racers for years and years and always from the aspect of performance advantage and pushing the ball forward. He’s never been idle.”

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