Horner tells F1 to give teams an ultimatum

Horner tells F1 to give teams an ultimatum

Formula 1

Horner tells F1 to give teams an ultimatum


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Liberty Media and the FIA should settle on a future direction for Formula 1 and give the teams an ultimatum.

Liberty and the FIA worked in conjunction on plans for power unit regulations beyond 2020, but those proposals – which came amid numerous other changes – were met with quit threats from Ferrari when they were released at the end of October. With Mercedes also stating its support for Ferrari’s stance, Horner says the best approach would be to avoid too much discussion and settle on a direction quickly.

“I think Liberty and the FIA are going to have to come up with a set of rules and say: ‘That’s what Formula 1 is, sign up or not’,” Horner told RACER. “And it’s in each team’s choice to decide if they want to be in the game or not.”

Horner himself has been vocal in wanting to get rid of the current V6 turbo hybrid power units in F1, but he admits the proposal for 2021 onward – which retains the core technology but simplifies some ancillaries – is a fair compromise.

“I’d be lying if I said I was totally happy, because ideally I would have loved a V10 or V12 normally-aspirated screaming engine, but I can understand the reasoning behind the engine that they’ve picked,” he said. “They’re trying to be responsible in ensuring cost, performance, noise – it ticks all the boxes that an engine should do in Formula 1.

“We’re already seeing interest from manufacturers like [Red Bull title partner] Aston Martin if it’s affordable and reasonable value.”

Porsche has also been linked with Red Bull in the past, but Horner played down any imminent move into F1 by the German marque. “I haven’t heard any other than seeing them attend a meeting,” he said. “Nothing beyond that.”

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