'Hoosier Shop Manual' video series explores SCCA activities

'Hoosier Shop Manual' video series explores SCCA activities

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'Hoosier Shop Manual' video series explores SCCA activities


B-Spec, B Street, American Sedan, Classic American Muscle, Prepared All-Wheel Drive, E Street Prepared, GT-1, Touring 1 …. Admittedly, participation options within the Sports Car Club of America can be varied, confusing and daunting for newcomers. Be it road racing, autocross, RallyCross, RoadRally or other SCCA activity, the immense complexity of motorsports itself sometimes acts as a barrier to entry.

But thanks to support from Hoosier Racing Tire, the SCCA is producing the Hoosier Shop Manual series – a set of videos taking a quick look at some of the ways Club members have fun with cars. Each short video provides a glimpse into a competition activity and a specific way to get involved. Videos will be rolled out early in 2018 and can be viewed at SCCA.com.

Mike Cobb, SCCA president and CEO, said the videos are being created to help automotive enthusiasts gain a better grasp of the SCCA member experience. The first set of videos focus on specific car classes across several Club. In the future, the Hoosier Shop Manual series also hopes to explore various volunteer specialties.

“We want SCCA Regions to use these Hoosier Shop Manual videos as a tool for explaining just what this Club is all about and what we offer to those who want to have fun with cars,” Cobb said. “I’m sure many current Club members have experienced a time when they’ve tried to explain the SCCA lifestyle to someone outside the Club and it just becomes a little confusing. With these videos, regions now have an online destination where prospective members can learn more from those actually taking part in specific SCCA motorsport pursuits.”

The first Hoosier Shop Manual video is now available for viewing here and focuses on Beth Aquilante and her SCCA road racing American Sedan Camaro. Check back to SCCA.com frequently as new videos are uploaded in the coming months.

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