Motovicity speeds into 2018 with its newest event, 'Never Lift'

Motovicity speeds into 2018 with its newest event, 'Never Lift'


Motovicity speeds into 2018 with its newest event, 'Never Lift'


Motovicity Distribution, a leading automotive performance aftermarket distributor, is bringing another high-powered racing event to life in the form of a half-mile top-speed airstrip battle. This pedal-to-the-metal spectacular is Never Lift! Taking place at the New Coalinga Municipal Airport April 28-29, 2018, records could be broken, and jaws will be dropped.

In collaboration with half mile of horsepower specialists known as Shift-S3ctor, who have been holding events in Coalinga since 2012, Never Lift will cater to the engagement of all aspects of the grassroots racing community. Manufacturers, dealers, shops, racers, enthusiasts and the media will come together for an event that embodies aftermarket performance. Within years of selling to import and modern muscle shops, Motovicity has identified that the growing half-mile airport events remain popular with its customer base.

“Motovicity’s place in the market allows us to understand and align the interests of the parties involved in these types of events. With Never Lift, we simply created an event around this passion and what our partners and customers value and enjoy about the aftermarket,” explains Motovicity’s Marketing Manager, Curtis Schabath.

On the last weekend of April 2018, the runway in Coalinga will bring airline traffic to a screeching halt and host some of the country’s fastest import and domestic side-by-side top-speed racing. Multiple classes and impressive cash prizes will make for one of the most entertaining races of its kind.

“CSF is beyond thrilled to hear about Motovicity bringing an amazing half-mile racing event to California this April. Half-mile racing is one the most exciting and rapidly growing motorsports in the country, especially on the West Coast! This high-energy, adrenaline packed type of racing has really pushed the boundaries of car builders around the world to bring some of the most powerful cars to the air strip to see who really produces the fastest cars,” exclaimed Ravi Dolwani, CSF Cooling’s manager of racing and high performance.

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