SCCA looks to rebrand group of motorsport offerings

SCCA looks to rebrand group of motorsport offerings

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SCCA looks to rebrand group of motorsport offerings


The Sports Car Club of America offers an array of motorsport activities to satisfy the passions of nearly any automotive enthusiasts. Recently, the SCCA Board of Directors approved rebranding efforts for a group of activities existing between autocross and road racing, activities that occur on closed courses but do not involve door-to-door competition.

This group of activities, which were once all bundled under the Time Trials banner, now each have a separate identity within the SCCA. The decision to rebrand, made after receiving input from the Divisional Time Trials Committee and members of the national staff, is meant to clarify SCCA programs and follows in the footsteps of similar efforts conducted earlier in 2017 rebranding Club Racing to SCCA Road Racing.

Lee Hill, Chairman of the SCCA Board of Directors, said, “Those already involved in SCCA have an understanding of all the Club’s motorsports activities. But we’ve heard for a long time that outsiders have trouble understanding all the different ways they can be involved and have fun with our Club because the nomenclature we use can be confusing. So, we embarked on a mission to clarify the names of several programs so others find our Club culture easier to understand and more inviting.”

Moving forward, all on-track, competitive, timed events will be branded as Time Trials (TT). Non-competitive events will be branded as Track Events (TE), and Hillclimbs remain unchanged. This rebranding, however, does not impact how divisions or regions run programs.

An additional goal for rebranding is to make it easier for those unfamiliar with motorsports to better comprehend certain activities and feel more comfortable engaging in those activities through SCCA regional events. The new terminology is also designed to build a clear pathway from one SCCA activity to another.

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