Get on track with Mazda and Track Night

Get on track with Mazda and Track Night

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Get on track with Mazda and Track Night


For those looking to get on track in a low stress environment or improve their existing track driving skills, there’s SCCA’s Track Night in America. Since its launch in 2015, thousands of enthusiasts have taken advantage of the program that allows anyone to place his or her street car on the racetrack and push their limits in a safe, controlled environment. The SCCA supplies instructors at Track Night events, and while those instructors do not ride along with participants, they actively offer advice and words of encouragement to ensure everyone’s time at the track is both safe and fun.

Supporting this program is Mazda and several professional drivers racing under the Mazda banner. In the most recent video produced by Mazda, past Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup Presented by BFGoodrich Tires champions Nathanial Sparks and John Dean discuss various aspects of Track Night, as well as track driving in general.

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