FIA Annual General Assembly

FIA Annual General Assembly

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FIA Annual General Assembly


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During today’s Annual General Assembly meeting, the following decisions were taken:

FIA President and Presidential list

FIA President Jean Todt was unanimously elected for a third four-year term by the Members of the General Assembly. The positions of President of the Senate, Deputy President for Mobility, Deputy President and Vice Presidents for Sport were also adopted as part of the Presidential List:

President of the Senate

Brian Gibbons (NZAA, New Zealand)

Deputy President, Sport

Graham Stoker (MSA, United Kingdom)

Deputy President, Mobility

Thierry Willemarck (TCB, Belgium)



Vice Presidents for Sport:


Middle East

Mohammed Ben Sulayem (ACT, UAE)


Surinder Thatthi (FISA, Ivory Coast)

North America

José Abed (OMDAI, Mexico)

South America

Carlos Garcia Remohi (ACA, Argentina)


Heping Wan (CAMF, China)


Angelo Sticchi Damiani (ACI, Italy)


Hermann Tomczyk (DMSB, Germany)


World Council for Automobile Mobility & Tourism

The following Vice Presidents for Automobile Mobility and Tourism were elected within the Automobile and Mobility regions to be members by right of the World Council:

Region I President

Thomas Møller Thomsen (FDM, Denmark)

Region I / ACTAC Representative

Essa Hamzah Alfailakawi (KIAC, Kuwait)

Region I / ACTA Representative

Simon Modisaemang (Emergency Assist 991 Netcare, Botswana)

Region II President

Mike Noon (NZAA, New Zealand)

Region III President

Tim Shearman (CAA, Canada)

Region IV President

Jorge Tomasi Crisci (ACU, Uruguay)


The following members were elected to the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism (WCAMT) by the General Assembly:

Gottfried Wanitschek

ÖAMTC, Austria (Region I)

Oldrich Vanicek

UAMK, Czech Republic (Region I)

August Markl

ADAC, Germany (Region I)

Giuseppe Redaelli

ACI, Italy (Region I)

Frits van Bruggen

ANWB, Netherlands (Region I)

Mirko Butulija

AMSS, Serbia (Region I)

Jorge F. Delgado Mendoza

RACE, Spain (Region I)

Peter Goetschi

TCS, Switzerland (Region I)

Nigel Alexander

AAA, Australia (Region II)

Afsar Hossain

AAB, Bangladesh (Region II)

Takayoshi Yashiro

JAF, Japan (Region II)

Bernard Tay

AAS, Singapore (Region II)

Dhammika Attygalle

ACC, Sri Lanka (Region II)

Julien José Abed

ANA, Mexico (Region III)

Earl Jarrett

JAA, Jamaica (Region III)

Alejandro Quintana Hurtado

ACCHI, Chile (Region IV)

Ricardo Morales Rubio

ACC, Colombia (Region IV)

Gorki Obando

ANETA, Mexico (Region IV)


New members of the FIA Mobility Policy Commission and the FIA Mobility Services Commission

FIA Mobility Policy Commission
Philip Purnell, AASA, South Africa
Lluis Puerto, RACC Foundation, Spain

FIA Mobility Services Commission
Matthias Braun, AvD, Germany
Jose Manuel Martinez Vazquez, ACCHI, Chile

World Motor Sport Council

The following members were elected to the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) by the General Assembly, joining the Deputy President and seven Vice Presidents for Sport:

Manuel Avino

RFEDA, Spain

Garry Connelly

CAMS, Australia

François Cornelis

RACB, Belgium

Dennis Dean

ACCUS, United States of America

Nicolas Deschaux

FFSA, France

Michel Ferry

ACM, Monaco

Zrinko Gregurek

CCCF, Croatia

Victor Kiryanov

RAF, Russia

Hugo Mersan

TACP, Paraguay

Koichi Murata

JAF, Japan

Juhani Pakari

AKK-Motorsport, Finland

Gautam Singhania

FMSCI, India

Vincenzo Spano

TACV, Venezuela

Serkan Yazici

TOSFED, Turkey


Amendments to the FIA Statutes

Amendments have been made to the FIA Statutes as follows:

–       Extension of the age limit (75 year) to all FIA bodies and to the deputies of the members of the World Councils.

–       Limitation of the possibility to combine the office of Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism with the office of Vice-President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism.

–       Clarification of the mode of election of the members of the FIA Audit Committee.

–       Increase of the representation of women in the World Motor Sport Council.

–       Withdrawal of the ability of FIA Members to use the FIA logo when suspended.

–       Launch of a striking off the rolls procedure against suspended FIA Members.

–       Reinforcement of the independence of the members of the Ethics Committee vis-à-vis the FIA and its Members.

–       Transcription of the values of the FIA in terms of governance, transparency and democracy, including anti-corruption functions and procedures. 

Judicial and Disciplinary Rules

A number of proposals were approved, including:

–       A facility whereby any interested person can bring an appeal directly before the ICA (or a request with a view to being heard as a third party before the IT or the ICA) without being obliged to go through their ASN/ACN. This is only an option. The person concerned will still be able, as in the past, to ask their ASN/ACN to lodge the appeal/request formally on their behalf. However, this direct action will be admissible only on condition that, at the time of lodging the appeal/request, the person concerned provides proof that they have informed their ASN/ACN of their action beforehand. The ASN/ACN in question may then, if it so chooses, decide to present its own written and/or oral submission before the Court (or the IT).

FIA 2016 Financial Accounts

The FIA Membership unanimously approved the 2016 FIA Financial Accounts and the 2018 FIA Budget.

FIA Innovation Fund

The Assembly approved the creation of an FIA Innovation Fund. This will be created using the proceeds from the sale of the FIA’s 1% equity in Formula One. The fund will finance projects judged suitable according to the following criteria:

–           Innovation

–           High-impact

–           Tangible output

–           Strategic alignment

–           Not currently funded.

One third of the fund will be distributed to successful Mobility projects, with two-thirds allocated for Sport venture. A diversified Steering Committee will be appointed to manage the fund. The Steering Committee will be comprised of: the two FIA Deputy Presidents; the seven FIA Vice-Presidents for Sport; the six FIA Vice-Presidents for Automobile Mobility and Tourism; four permanent guests (with no voting power); the FIA General Secretaries for Sport and Mobility, the Chief Administrative Officer of the FIA; the Compliance Officer of the FIA. If need be the Fund may ask for outside expertise on a case-by-case basis.

International Historical Commission

The General Assembly approved the proposal by Franz Graf zu Ortenburg, President of the International Historical Commission, of its 24-strong membership and three co-opted members.

Sporting Commissions

The composition of the Sporting Commissions was approved as follows:



Vice President

World Rally Championship Commission

C. Barbosa (PRT)

J. Mahonen (FIN)

Rally Commission

W. Christie (NZL)

U.-M Schmidt (DEU)

Cross-Country Rally Commission

R. Schilling (ZAF)

F. Gallagher (GBR)

GT Commission

C. Schacht (DEU)

S. Hogson (USA)

Touring Car Commission

A. Gow (GBR)


Hill-Climb Commission

I. Lahoud (LBN)

D. Grace (GBR)

Historic Motor Sport Commission

P. Cantarella (ITA)

HRH Prince Joachim (DNK)

Off-Road Commission

G. Olah (HUN)

W. Szaniawski (POL)

Drag Racing Commission

L. Pettersson (SWE)


Truck Racing Commission

M. Vidal (ESP)

L. Gallucci (BEL)

Electric & New Energy Championships Commission

B. Goeschel (DEU)


Circuits Commission

T. Schenken (AUS)

D. Allingham (CAN)

Homologation Regulations Commission

D. Fausel (CHE)


Medical Commission

Prof. G. Saillant (FRA)

D. Altmann (BRA)

Land Speed Records Commission

G. Light (USA)


Safety Commission

P. Wright (GBR)

M. Guenther (DEU)

Women in Motorsport Commission

M. Mouton (FRA)

R. Nabulsi (JOR)

Volunteers & Officials Commission

C. Syn (SGP)

A. Papadopoulos (AUS)

Single-Seater Commission

S. Domenicali (ITA)

J. Ryan (GBR)

Endurance Commission

R. Mille (FRA)


Drivers’ Commission

T. Kristensen (DNK)

D. Warwick (GBR)

Closed Road Commission

R. Reid (GBR)

J. Bartos (POL)

CIK/International Karting Commission

F. Massa (BRA)

K. Van De Grint (NDL)


Manufacturers’ Commission

President: F. Fillon, France

Environment and Sustainability Commission

President: F. Calderon, Mexico

Disability and accessibility Commission

President: Ms N. McGloin, United Kingdom 

Internal Regulations for Region I, Region II and Region IV

Amended Internal Regulations for Region I, Region II and Region IV were ratified by the General Assembly.

International Tribunal and International Court of Appeal

The General Assembly approved the nomination of 19 judges to the International Tribunal and the International Court of Appeal, each proposed by the Nominations Committee for a four -year mandate commencing 1 January 2018.

Anti-Doping Disciplinary Committee

The General Assembly approved the nomination and/or re-nomination of four members to the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Committee proposed by the WMSC. The four members, who will serve from 2018-2021, are:

Dorival De Carlucci (BRA)

Gérard Martin (BEL)

Jan Stovicek, President (TCH)

Fernando Torres (MEX)

New Member to the FIA

The FIA is proud to enlarge its membership and international representation by welcoming the following organisation into its structure:

Sporting and Automobile mobility and tourism competence

Mongolian Automobile Motorcycle Sports Federation (MAMSF)

Honorary Members

It is with pleasure that the General Assembly awards Honorary status to the following Members:

Honorary President of the Senate

Michel Boeri
Nicholas Craw

Honorary Vice-President of the FIA

Morrie Chandler
Bernie Ecclestone
Carlos Garcia Fuertes
Victor Ruben Dumot

Honorary Members of the FIA

Tunku Mudzaffar
Radovan Novak
Lars Osterlind

Honorary Commission President of the FIA

Paul Gutjahr
Roger Peart

Honorary Commission Vice-President of the FIA

Bo Swaner

Honorary Commission Member of the FIA

Dave Petrali


 Date of next meeting

The 2018 FIA Annual General Assembly and Prize Giving Gala will take place on 7 December in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

FIAGeneral AssemblyFIA07217057_3607-2.jpgFIA1FIAFIAFIAGeneral Assembly00Friday, December 8, 2017 – 7:45pmFriday, December 8, 2017 – 12:50pm

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