Jaguar XJR-5 IMSA GTP in-car audio

Jaguar XJR-5 IMSA GTP in-car audio


Jaguar XJR-5 IMSA GTP in-car audio


Here’s your soundtrack for the first weekend of the offseason where all the major series using internal combustion engines from – from Formula 1 to NASCAR – have gone silent, and the only significant championship in action gets by with the near-silent hum of electric Formula E motors.

Our bold antidote to that silence comes in the form of a stiff British drink – 12 cylinders and six liters of capacity bolted into a Jaguar XJR-5 IMSA GTP chassis. The big cat, in all its shrieking glory, blasts around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during the in-car audio feature, blanketing the Monterey hills with incredible sounds generated by 650hp.

The Group 44 XJR-5s, which ran from 1982-1985, are a wonder to behold at vintage racing events, offering a reminder of why IMSA’s unfiltered prototypes were so popular during the ’80s.


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