Julian Garfield: Lessons Learned

Julian Garfield: Lessons Learned

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Julian Garfield: Lessons Learned


In his first season of road racing, Garfield learned a key lesson during each SCCA Majors weekend

Julian Garfield just wrapped up his first season of SCCA club racing in Spec Miata. While he’s no stranger to motorsports competition, road racing has some key differences to the autocross competition where he has excelled. Car control is similar, even though the speeds involved are different, but race starts, racecraft and having other cars around him were new territory.

Garfield, the winner of a Mazda Motorsports Solo Advancement Scholarship, raced three SCCA U.S. Majors Tour weekends leading up to his first SCCA National Championship Runoffs. At each event he says he feels he picked up on something new that enabled him to earn a top-20 finish at Indianapolis.

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