Kvyat fumes at Toro Rosso penalty

Kvyat fumes at Toro Rosso penalty

Formula 1

Kvyat fumes at Toro Rosso penalty


Daniil Kvyat described Formula 1 as “a stupid f***ing circus” after getting penalized twice and given penalty points for an error at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Russian was slow away from the grid having stalled due to a clutch problem and needed to regain his position by the first Safety Car line in order to start in his original grid slot. Kvyat hadn’t made it to the correct position in time but started from the grid anyway and was originally handed a drive-through penalty for the error, although the stewards meant to hand out a 10-second stop-and-go penalty.

Having taken the drive-through, Kvyat was then given an additional 10-second time penalty – to be taken during his pit stop – to make up the difference, and when asked about his irate radio messages the Toro Rosso driver was critical of F1’s stewarding.

“I can’t remember which one, there were few frustrations today,” Kvyat said. “But, yeah I was angry with what’s going on. Another penalty, like it’s a joke, right? I mean, what are we doing? And I get two points on my license, which again is a stupid rule. We are taxi drivers here? Or F1 drivers? I don’t understand this. It’s a circus, a stupid f***ing circus!”

Asked if his anger was with FIA race director Charlie Whiting, Kvyat replied: “I will go and talk to Charlie. It’s really annoying me. A simple job, they can’t do it properly.

“Now, I will go with our team manager… maybe it’s better to go in Baku because now the heat is up for me, I don’t want to say anything wrong to anyone. I’m not sure if it’s really Charlie, I don’t know. I want to understand first of all who does this job.

“What I know is that our team manager was arguing for 10 laps with the FIA we shouldn’t get another penalty. They said, ‘No sorry, we have this.’ It’s like football. He says there is a penalty, then he runs back, watches the video, and says, ‘Ah, it’s not a penalty, cancel it.’ That’s what, more or less, what happened today.”

Kvyat’s teammate Carlos Sainz was also handed a three-place grid penalty for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix for causing a spectacular collision at the start of the race. Sainz moved across on Romain Grosjean, with contact pitching the Toro Rosso into a spin and wiping out Felipe Massa’s Williams at Turn 3.

“The driver of Car 55 claimed he checked his mirrors but that Car 8 was in his blind spot and therefore he did not see it,” the stewards decision read.

“Notwithstanding this, and our conclusion that the collision was not caused by a deliberate act on the part of the driver of Car 55, we find that his assumption (as he stated) that there was no car alongside him and therefore he could move to that track position, was careless and potentially dangerous.”

Sainz was also given two penalty points, giving him a total of seven for the 12 month period. A driver will receive an automatic one-race ban if they hit 12 penalty points.