IHRA Summit SuperSeries Dragster Giveaway: Imagine That Customs

IHRA Summit SuperSeries Dragster Giveaway: Imagine That Customs


IHRA Summit SuperSeries Dragster Giveaway: Imagine That Customs


As the Summit World Finals at Memphis International Raceway approaches – it’s Oct. 20-22 – one of the IHRA’s most popular promotions ever returns: The Summit SuperSeries twin dragster builds.

The Summit SuperSeries Top class champ will win a turnkey racecar, built with parts and expertise from many of the IHRA’s top partners. And if that isn’t enough – the Junior Dragster champion wins a new car, too.

This is the fourth of a series of profiles on the companies that partner with the IHRA for the twin dragster giveaway: Jerron J. Settles and Imagine That Customs, one of the top paint shops in motorsports – and designer and painter of the two dragsters that will be given away in Memphis.

One of the reasons IHRA works is because most everyone involved is a racer – past, present or future. A perfect example: Jerron J. Settles, who has designed and painted the Summit SuperSeries twin dragsters since 2013.

If you’d expect Settles to be in Memphis to show off his work, you’re right, but there’s another big reason he’ll be there. We’ll let Settles tell you in his own words from a recent Facebook post:

“I’ve waited a long time, and have been trying a long time, but it’s finally official – I clinched the IHRA Division 1 Quick Rod championship. Now it’s off to Memphis to try for the ultimate prize. I have to thank God first and foremost. Thanks to Jerry Langley for the opportunity of a lifetime and the best car out there. Thanks to my wife Monique Butler Settles for putting up with me being gone. Gotta also thank Racetech Racecars, Brett Nesbitt Performance, Wayne Rogers Trans, Hoosier Tire, Chris Simmons Photography, and all the friends who have supported me along the way!!!”

The fact that this Facebook post has 474 “likes” shows just what an impact Settles has had on the drag racing community, and how genuine his affection is for the sport.

“I spend a lot of time pushing myself on these designs and on the incredible amount of detail because as a sportsman racer myself, I want to support the IHRA Summit SuperSeries racers as best I can and I want them to be proud of their accomplishments and this car,” said Settles. 

“This project is probably the toughest thing I do all season as I paint so many parts and components for this particular car and all the pieces have to work together with the overall design. It would be easy to design the car and paint matching valve covers, but we go through the car top to bottom and paint every part we can that lends itself to completing the custom design. When this car is uncovered at the Summit World Finals and the racers all collectively gasp, then I will relax and know that we’ve done a good job.”

Settles began painting helmets in 2003 as a sideline. After a few years of perfecting the craft, Settles opened Imagine That Customs with partner E.J. Parker in 2006 and has turned it into a fulltime business.

“Our paint has won numerous Best Appearing awards at IHRA and NHRA events. I personally come from a deep racing background as my father raced in local bracket races and in Hot Rod for years in addition to my own racing career,” Settles said. “I feel that those deep ties to the sport and the fact that we are hardcore racers ourselves helps us understand fully what racers want and need in a paint job.”

We can’t wait to see what he has come up with this year. Check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jerron.settles