F3: Beckmann tops second day of test

F3: Beckmann tops second day of test

Formula 3

F3: Beckmann tops second day of test


David Beckmann, European F3 2016

Teenager David Beckmann led the way on the second day of Formula 3 European championship testing at Hockenheim on Thursday.

The 16-year-old Mucke Motorsport driver set the day’s benchmark of 1m31.9s early in the morning session, with Callum Ilott his closest challenger 0.278s down.

Sergio Sette Camara, who will drive for Toro Rosso in the upcoming post-British Grand Prix Formula 1 test, was third, as every driver in the top 10 set his best time in the morning.

Camara reported that his car felt “strange,” suspecting that it could still be suffering from damage sustained in incidents at the previous Norisring round.

Mikkel Jensen and new BMW junior recruit Joel Eriksson completed the top five, while afternoon pacesetter Alessio Lorandi, the highest-placed runner to go quicker in the afternoon, ended the day 11th overall.

The 21 drivers in action were covered by less than one second, with Ralf Aron propping up the timesheets just 0.974s off the pace set by Beckmann.


Pos Driver Team Car Gap Laps
1 David Beckmann kfzteile Mucke Motorsport Dallara/Mercedes 1m31.920s 45
2 Callum Ilott Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara/Mercedes 0.278s 40
3 Sergio Sette Camara Motopark Dallara/Volkswagen 0.283s 43
4 Mikkel Jensen kfzteile Mucke Motorsport Dallara/Mercedes 0.307s 36
5 Joel Eriksson Motopark Dallara/Volkswagen 0.361s 40
6 Weiron Tan Carlin Dallara/Volkswagen 0.375s 39
7 Lance Stroll Prema Powerteam Dallara/Mercedes 0.380s 39
8 George Russell HitechGP Dallara/Mercedes 0.381s 39
9 Pedro Piquet Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara/Mercedes 0.419s 31
10 Harrison Newey Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara/Mercedes 0.455s 49
11 Anthoine Hubert Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara/Mercedes 0.556s 42
12 Nick Cassidy Prema Powerteam Dallara/Mercedes 0.569s 53
13 Alessio Lorandi Carlin Dallara/Volkswagen 0.579s 22
14 William Buller Carlin Dallara/Volkswagen 0.610s 22
15 Nikita Mazepin HitechGP Dallara/Mercedes 0.650s 40
16 Guan Yu Zhou Motopark Dallara/Volkswagen 0.683s 27
17 Niko Kari Motopark Dallara/Volkswagen 0.699s 34
18 Ryan Tveter Carlin Dallara/Volkswagen 0.711s 51
19 Ben Barnicoat HitechGP Dallara/Mercedes 0.713s 40
20 Maximilian Gunther Prema Powerteam Dallara/Mercedes 0.879s 36
21 Ralf Aron Prema Powerteam Dallara/Mercedes 1.102s 40


Pos Driver Gap Laps
1 Alessio Lorandi 1m32.381s 47
2 Maximilian Gunther 0.032s 46
3 Callum Ilott 0.065s 27
4 Nick Cassidy 0.120s 48
5 Anthoine Hubert 0.204s 27
6 Lance Stroll 0.257s 43
7 David Beckmann 0.268s 37
8 Joel Eriksson 0.299s 21
9 Pedro Piquet 0.299s 41
10 Niko Kari 0.303s 43
11 Weiron Tan 0.306s 45
12 Harrison Newey 0.336s 44
13 Sergio Sette Camara 0.370s 29
14 Mikkel Jensen 0.415s 34
15 George Russell 0.436s 25
16 Ryan Tveter 0.478s 43
17 Ralf Aron 0.513s 34
18 Guan Yu Zhou 0.674s 42
19 Nikita Mazepin 0.692s 24
20 Ben Barnicoat 0.750s 28


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