FIA: 'Safer' drivers to get superlicense boost

FIA: 'Safer' drivers to get superlicense boost

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FIA: 'Safer' drivers to get superlicense boost


Racing drivers who avoid picking up penalty points in eligible FIA championships will receive help towards obtaining a Formula 1 superlicense.

The international motorsports governing body has decided to award two F1 superlicense bonus points to drivers who avoid penalties for dangerous or unsporting behavior, following a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council in Italy on Friday.

An FIA statement said: “For FIA championships where a penalty points system is in place, any driver having competed in the entire championship without being given any penalty point will be granted a ‘Safety Bonus’ – an additional two points on top of their achieved points.”

The FIA has also decided to expand the racing series that can qualify a driver for a superlicense, adding Formula E and Australia’s Supercars championship to the list. Previously only the champion could qualify for a license by racing in Formula E.

The governing body introduced its new qualifying system for F1 superlicenses in the wake of Max Verstappen’s rise to Formula 1 at the age of 17, after just one season of single-seater racing. The system, which requires drivers to attain at least 40 points over a three-ear period to qualify for F1, awards points based on achievement in various championships, some of which count for more than others depending on their difficulty and standing.

The structure was substantially revised last summer to include more series and better balance the points awarded to drivers from different categories.


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