MOTOGP: Lorenzo annoyed at Iannone crash reaction

MOTOGP: Lorenzo annoyed at Iannone crash reaction


MOTOGP: Lorenzo annoyed at Iannone crash reaction


MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo is more disappointed with Andrea Iannone’s reaction to the crash that ended their Barcelona races than he is with the incident itself.

Lorenzo dropped from an early lead to fifth over the course of six laps at the Catalunya Grand Prix amid front-tire graining, before being collected by Iannone, who will start the next race at Assen from last as a punishment.

“I don’t know if he braked too late or didn’t brake knowing that someone was in front of him,” Lorenzo said. “I felt a big impact and I was flying to the ground. I was scared I’d break my hip or the collarbone.

“You can make a mistake, we all can make a mistake. But you have to minimum say, ‘sorry, I made a mistake on this corner.’ Instead of that, he just asked me ‘what happened to your bike? Did you break your engine or something happened to the bike?’ Race direction asked for my telemetry and they saw that I braked later than previous laps.

“So this is the worst for me, that he didn’t say sorry. He didn’t understand that it was his mistake. He’s making too many mistakes that can cause not only crashes to him but also risks to the others.

“Dani [Pedrosa] made a mistake in Austin, but he went straight away to say sorry to [Andrea] Dovizioso, really sorry. So this is the worst.”

Iannone caught Lorenzo by six tenths on the previous lap, and said he was simply caught out by the Yamaha’s pace into Turn 10.

“Immediately after the crash I asked Jorge if he had a problem with the bike,” Iannone said. “It was very strange that it was very slow at that point and it was a surprise – I didn’t expect it.

“I’m sorry for him. It’s a mistake. I didn’t brake later, I braked in the same point and it’s very difficult to understand.”

Lorenzo relinquished his championship lead on Sunday to Marc Marquez, something that was on the cards even before the collision with Iannone.

While admitting that the outcome was “secondary” at the end of a weekend in which Moto2 rider Luis Salom lost his life, Lorenzo lamented his tire graining and admitting victorious teammate Valentino Rossi had handled the race better.

“I was struggling a lot to be competitive,” he said. “I knew before the race I would start to have graining on the front and this is what happened. Rossi with my bike didn’t have so much graining, he rides differently to me and with this he can save the front tire more and also he is very good in difficult conditions.

“In conditions where there’s no grip, he can ride unbelievably, and today he made an unbelievable race.

“I could not ride like him and I could not change my riding style to avoid the problems.”

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