LSR: Bloodhound SSC targets November test run

LSR: Bloodhound SSC targets November test run

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LSR: Bloodhound SSC targets November test run


Organizers of the Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car) project have announced that the vehicle will make its world debut on Nov. 17 with a 200mph trial at Newquay Aerohub, in Cornwall, UK.

Following that speed trial, the jet- and rocket-powered car will be fitted with airbrakes and winglets ready to commence high-speed testing in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa, in summer 2016, when weather conditions will be optimal. The results from those tests will inform the project’s ultimate speed goal of setting a new World Land Speed Record of 1,000mph. The current LSR stands at 763mph, set by the Thrust SSC jet-powered car in 1997.

Further details on the configuration of the car are expected to be revealed in August, when Bloodhound SSC will be shown in highly assembled form at the team’s base in Avonmouth, UK.

Construction of the car is well advanced with its titanium floor fitted, the tail fin nearly finished, and carbon fiber front monocoque painted to aerospace standards.