Behind the Zoom Jeff Braun

Behind the Zoom Jeff Braun

Mazda Motorsports

Behind the Zoom Jeff Braun


This week’s Behind the Zoom blog comes from Jeff Braun, the competition director at Mazda’s factory team, SpeedSource. Braun brings his immense expertise and experience from open-wheel, sports cars and more to make the Prototype team more competitive than ever before.

This is my 55th year in racing… yep, the old guy. That means I have had many chances to do things wrong and learn what doesn’t work. I bring that experience to Mazda Motorsport’s SpeedSource team as competition director. That’s a fancy title for the guy who looks at all aspects of the performance of the car, team and organization, and then looks for ways to improve each aspect. It’s a great job and gives me a chance to review everything we do in super detail. SpeedSource owner Sylvain Tremblay and Mazda’s John Doonan have pushed all of us to make gains every session, every day and every weekend. It’s the small things that make a difference and are so important…
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