Dennis set to make changes at McLaren F1

Dennis set to make changes at McLaren F1

Formula 1

Dennis set to make changes at McLaren F1


McLaren looks set for a major management overhaul ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 season after former team boss Ron Dennis was appointed as McLaren Group CEO.


Dennis has vowed to bring change to McLaren to get it back to the front of the Formula 1 grid following a disappointing 2013 season. He addressed factory staff in Woking, UK on Thursday afternoon to outline his increased responsibilities to the F1 team.


Dennis also made it clear that a new structure was likely to be put in place, and a change of team principal cannot be ruled out.


“There will be changes,” he told the staff during the address that lasted for 20 minutes. “We will win again.”


Current team boss Martin Whitmarsh, who was not present for the address, remains in charge for now and sources insist that no decision has been taken yet on whether or not he will be replaced. A final call on the matter will be made in February, when Dennis will outline whether Whitmarsh stays or if another figure will be appointed to run the F1 team.


Dennis, who was team principal from 1982 to 2009, has replaced Whitmarsh as the Group CEO with immediate effect. In statement issued by the team, Dennis outlined that he had been appointed to the role with the mandate of doing whatever is necessary to get McLaren back on track.