Prost: F1 will never go electric

Prost: F1 will never go electric

Formula 1

Prost: F1 will never go electric


Four-time world champion Alain Prost believes Formula 1 will never have fully electric racing, but still thinks concepts like Formula E can work properly.

Formula 1 had planned the introduction of electrical power for the pitlane from the 2014 season, but the plan was scrapped after the sport’s engine suppliers asked the FIA to postpone it. Prost reckons the nature of F1 makes it impossible for it to go fully electric.

“It will never be totally electric. Never,” said Prost. “Not while I’m on this planet… I don’t think it is possible. That is really something that we go away from in racing.

“You cannot have F1 with a totally electric [car], it doesn’t work. It is a question of energy disposal and it cannot work, it is not the essence. The messages given to the public is wrong. You cannot say in two years everyone will drive electrical cars.”

Despite that, Prost, who will enter a team in the Formula E series in conjunction with DAMS, believes there is still room for a championship like Formula E.

“Formula E is completely different, completely separate,” he said. “What we do is good, we go in a direction where we need to go, we need to show something.

“With Formula E, it is a mix of development and education, educating people inside cities. It is a completely different message, that is what I like, but don’t misunderstand, we will never go in this direction in F1.”

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