Red Bull: No guilt over F1 dominance

Red Bull: No guilt over F1 dominance

Formula 1

Red Bull: No guilt over F1 dominance


Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner says his team should not feel bad in any way because of its complete dominance of Formula 1 right now.

Sebastian Vettel reeled off a record-breaking eighth consecutive victory at the United States Grand Prix to extend a winning streak that began back at the Belgian Grand Prix in August. Although that form is a turn-off for some Red Bull boss Christian Horner says it is up to his team’s rivals to do a better job if the sport is to be made more exciting.

“We compete in a championship to the same regulations as all the others,” he said. “We do the best job that we can and then we measure ourselves against our opponents every couple of weeks.

“It is not down to us to help the others to succeed. Our focus is very much on ourselves. We don’t feel in any way bad about the fact that we have done a lot of winning.”

The extent of Vettel’s dominance right now has left the German eager to ensure that complacency does not set in, and he reminded his team on the radio after the Austin race that they should enjoy moments like this because they will not last forever. Horner reckons his team is doing just that, and he believes that motivation at Red Bull is as high now as it was before the title was won.

“In sport, whether it is Roger Federer, or Ferrari or Williams or McLaren, you get phases of sportsmen and teams being dominant,” he said. “At some point that does come to an end. Then you have to regroup and you have to go again.

“Sebastian is right. It is important to savor moments like now because that is our 46th win and it is easy to become complacent and you have to appreciate every single moment.”