Niederhauser ends GP3 test on top

Niederhauser ends GP3 test on top

Formula 3

Niederhauser ends GP3 test on top


Patric Niederhauser ended official post-season GP3 Series testing with the fastest time of the week at Yas Marina on Thursday.

The 22-year-old Swiss, who was driving for MW Arden for the third and final day of the test, was second fastest during the morning session, but found over half a second in the afternoon to end the day with a 1m55.372s time. That marker, which was 0.185sec quicker than ART’s Oliver Rowland, was also the fastest time of the entire test.

Niederhauser, who finished 13th in this year’s GP3 points, had driven for Jenzer and ART on the previous two days and always featured in the top-three times.

Rowland, who topped Wednesday’s running, was quickest during the morning, but ended up second, a spot ahead of fellow Briton, Dean Stoneman, of Koiranen.

Jimmy Eriksson and Melville McKee completed the top five for ART and Manor, respectively, while MW Arden pair Jann Mardenborough and Emil Bernstorff were next up.

ART’s Lotus F1 junior driver Alex Fontana and Status duo Nick Cassidy and Jack Hawksworth completed the top 10, with very few drivers failing to improve their times in the afternoon session. Ginetta racer David Pittard, who was driving for Carlin as his prize for winning the recent Henry Surtees Karting Challenge, was 23rd overall.

There were two red flags during the day, both caused by spins for Jenzer’s Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum.

Morning times:Pos Driver                      Team            Time       Laps 1. Oliver Rowland              ART             1m55.467s   30 2. Patric Niederhauser         MW Arden        1m55.827s   23 3. Alex Fontana                ART             1m56.043s   28 4. Jack Hawksworth             Status          1m56.096s   20 5. Emil Bernstorff             MW Arden        1m56.118s   25 6. Jan Mardenborough           MW Arden        1m56.148s   25 7. Dino Zamparelli             Manor           1m56.238s   28 8. Melville McKee              Manor           1m56.287s   29 9. Jimmy Eriksson              ART             1m56.436s   2110. Nick Cassidy                Status          1m56.563s   1711. Dean Stoneman               Koiranen GP     1m56.638s   1012. Marvin Kirchhofer           Russian Time    1m56.662s   2213. David Fumanelli             Jenzer          1m56.718s   2314. Nicholas Latifi             Carlin          1m56.730s   2615. Juan Branger                Trident         1m56.925s   3716. Luis Sa Silva               Carlin          1m56.989s   2417. Markus Pommer               Russian Time    1m57.026s   2418. Robert Cregan               Trident         1m57.294s   2619. Lewin Amweg                 Jenzer          1m57.447s   3320. Ryan Cullen                 Manor           1m57.804s   2021. Gustavo Menezes             Status G        1m58.023s   3222. Carmen Jorda                Koiranen GP     1m58.562s   1823. Ivan Taranov                Russian Time    1m58.630s   2624. David Pittard               Carlin          1m58.826s   2725. Saeed Al Mehairi            Trident         1m59.098s   2426. Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum    Jenzer          2m02.505s   24Afternoon times:Pos Driver                      Team            Time       Laps 1. Patric Niederhauser         MW Arden        1m55.372s   26 2. Oliver Rowland              ART             1m55.557s   26 3. Dean Stoneman               Koiranen GP     1m55.565s   14 4. Jimmy Eriksson              ART             1m55.598s   24 5. Melville McKee              Manor           1m55.640s   21 6. Jan Mardenborough           MW Arden        1m55.721s   32 7. Emil Bernstorff             MW Arden        1m55.789s   28 8. Alex Fontana                ART             1m55.848s   30 9. Nick Cassidy                Status          1m55.851s   3210. Jack Hawksworth             Status          1m55.991s   2811. Markus Pommer               Russian Time    1m56.063s   3312. David Fumanelli             Jenzer          1m56.122s   2413. Nicholas Latifi             Carlin          1m56.354s   3114. Dino Zamparelli             Manor           1m56.379s   2615. Marvin Kirchhofer           Russian Time    1m56.525s   1116. Luis Sa Silva               Carlin          1m56.703s   2117. Ryan Cullen                 Manor           1m57.024s   3218. Ivan Taranov                Russian Time    1m57.136s   3019. Robert Cregan               Trident         1m57.255s   2020. Levin Amweg                 Jenzer          1m57.601s   1821. Gustavo Menezes             Status          1m57.734s   2922. David Pittard               Carlin          1m58.381s   2523. Juan Branger                Trident         1m59.088s   2324. Saeed Al Mehairi            Trident         1m59.310s   1225. Carmen Jorda                Koiranen GP     2m00.571s   2526. Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum    Jenzer          no time