Todt launches election campaign

Todt launches election campaign

Formula 1

Todt launches election campaign


FIA president Jean Todt hopes the forthcoming debate about the future of motor racing’s governing body ahead of December’s election is conducted in a “constructive” manner.

After launching his official campaign website, Todt has made it clear that he hopes the election battle with rival David Ward outlines a positive path for the FIA.

“This site is dedicated to discussion and debate about the future of the FIA, a process that I hope will be conducted in a constructive manner, respectful of both the federation and individuals alike,” said Todt.

His comments come after criticisms made of his use of support letters ahead of the election battle, something that will be subject to a hearing of the FIA Ethics committee soon.

Todt has not yet offered a detailed manifesto of his plans for the future, but has suggested he will continue the efforts he has made since being elected in 2009 to reform the FIA.