DAMS: DRS paint cost Magnussen

DAMS: DRS paint cost Magnussen

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DAMS: DRS paint cost Magnussen


DAMS has revealed that Kevin Magnussen’s exclusion following his Formula Renault 3.5 victory at Paul Ricard related to the paint used on his car’s DRS flap.

While Renault Sport has been unavailable for comment since the decision was revealed that Magnussen had lost his victory, DAMS explained its side of the story with a statement on Saturday night.

That statement suggests that the McLaren junior driver’s exclusion was in relation to “the quality of paint” used on the DRS flap, and DAMS also claims that it had previously had the parts in question “agreed” to by Renault Sport.

The statement said: “Since the 2012 season after permanent consultation with the Renault Sport organisation DAMS has been using the same DRS flap.

“Even though we supplied emails as proof of our technical discussions with the Renault Sport management on this subject the stewards nonetheless maintained their decision [to exclude Magnussen].

“DAMS is appealing against this decision as the paint on the flap was agreed by Renault Sport without any additional clarifications on the quality of the paint to be used.

“During these discussions with Renault Sport DAMS put forward suggestions to avoid any form of interpretation on this point.

“DAMS has taken note of this decision and remains more determined than ever to win the 2013 title in the Formula Renault 3.5 series.”

Magnussen, who was on the verge of sealing the title following his race one win, can no longer win the championship this weekend.

His lead over Stoffel Vandoorne has been cut from 46 points to 18 by the decision, meaning that the biggest lead he could have after Sunday’s race is 43, with 50 still available at the Barcelona finale in October.