Lucas Luhr's column: It's all good at COTA

Lucas Luhr's column: It's all good at COTA


Lucas Luhr's column: It's all good at COTA


A track you can sink your teeth into…unless it’s raining cats and dogs. (LAT photos)

There isn’t too much to say about our weekend at the Circuit of The Americas. We had another great weekend at what is an awesome facility with a racetrack that is really enjoyable to drive on. Check out some of our video highlights below to see why.

My biggest surprise of the weekend was all the rain we had on Friday. I thought it never rained in Texas! Was I ever wrong! We nearly had rivers going through our tent, it was coming down so hard.

With all the rain on Friday, it meant that we would not do a lot of running but a lot of hanging around. Klaus Graf went out in the morning practice session and turned a few laps and I took to the track near the end of the afternoon practice session to get some laps in before qualifying.

It may have looked easy from the outside but qualifying was actually quite difficult because of the changing weather conditions. The rain started out quite heavy and then got a little lighter. At one point the track was quite greasy so you have to be careful because you start sliding around. Then once the track starts drying up you need to make sure you don’t overheat the rain tires. You need to balance that as well.

I’d do a quick lap and then a slower lap to optimize my next fast lap. It worked out well for us as we captured what ended up being my 23rd career ALMS pole position.

After all the rain we had on the Friday, the sun was back out on Saturday and it was significantly hotter than the previous day, which meant that we’d get our first laps in the dry at COTA that week. We choose not to test earlier in the week because we had tested there in December of last year. That test definitely paid off because we were right where we wanted to be in warm-up and knew exactly what we had to do for the race in these dry conditions.

The start was pretty straightforward. The Dyson car was a little bit quicker than me down the straight but I knew that I’d get him in the first corner which is what I did. After that, I just drove my race.

I struggled a little bit at the beginning but after a few laps the car was great. I pushed with every lap and just kept building a lead on the second place car. By the time Klaus took over driving duties, we were a lap ahead.

Klaus just took over where I left off and we managed to win by two laps and pick up our seventh victory this year. It was a pretty uneventful race, to be honest. But after the race we had in Baltimore, it was a nice change!

Some people might think that since we’ve clinched the championship already, we might not be pushing as hard in these last events, but those who think that don’t know us well. We’ve pushed hard all season in every session and we’d like nothing more than to pick up a couple more wins before the end of the year.

We’re also savoring these last races because with each event that goes by we’re that much closer to saying goodbye to our Muscle Milk HPD P1 car and P1 cars in America for the foreseeable future. These cars provide a lot of satisfaction for the drivers that have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one. While we are looking forward to the future, we will miss driving this class of cars. But there are still two more races to go and we’re really looking forward to them!

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