NISMO to assist Kelly Racing

NISMO to assist Kelly Racing

Supercars Championship

NISMO to assist Kelly Racing


NISMO, Nissan’s in-house motorsport division, will assist Kelly Racing with the development of the engine used in its V8 Supercars racing program.

Nissan returned to Australia’s top-flight touring car championship with four factory-supported cars built by the team once known as Kelly Racing now Nissan Motorsport this year.

Despite the car being fast enough to take its first win at Winton last month the engine has struggled to match the economy or performance of its rivals.

“We’re doing all the Bathurst engines as we speak and once all of those engine are built we’re doing another extra engine to airfreight over to Japan for NISMO to have to develop at their end,” Todd Kelly told AUTOSPORT. “They probably won’t get anything to us until almost season’s end, but we should have an engine for them to have a play with in two or three weeks.

“This will be extremely handy with their test equipment at their facility, which is a lot more high-tech than what we’ve got here.”