F1 drivers welcome Singapore Turn 10 changes

F1 drivers welcome Singapore Turn 10 changes

Formula 1

F1 drivers welcome Singapore Turn 10 changes


Formula 1 drivers have welcomed the change to Singapore’s Turn 10, with the chicane used from 2008-’12 replaced with a left-hander.

The “Singapore Sling” corner was previously a left/right/left chicane with high curbs that often led to cars becoming airborne if offline. The change has been made for safety reasons, with Mark Webber among the drivers who believe it has reduced the risk of an accident at the corner being worsened by cars becoming airborne.

“It looks pretty good,” said Mark Webber when asked about the change. “[The change] was more from a safety perspective. If you arrived there with a failure, it was not good to have the chance to jump off the curbs.

“It’s a slightly safer option now. As we saw in the GP3 race at Monza, when you hit those curbs it’s not very good so the corner is in better shape.”

The change has increased the apex speed of the corner by around 25mph and the lap time is expected to be around one second quicker.

“It is pretty quick, but it is what we wanted as drivers, to have a different corner,” said Jenson Button. “We felt the chicane wasn’t made for an F1 car really. All the safety tests have been done with a run-off area and it is all OK.”

Daniel Ricciardo does not believe it will offer any increased overtaking opportunities. The Toro Rosso driver said he suspects that cars will not get too close to the wall at the exit because of the need to position the car for the entry of the right/left Turn 11/12 combination that follows almost immediately.

“It’s not going to increase overtaking or anything, but it wasn’t an overtaking corner anyway,” said Ricciardo. “Of course, it’s going to be quicker but I don’t think it’s going to be that much quicker because we are still going to have to stay left to open up the [entry to] the chicane.

“It’s not like we are going to be exiting right near the wall and we are still going to have a lot of margin. It’s a standard corner.”

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