FIA to send observers to F1 test

FIA to send observers to F1 test

Formula 1

FIA to send observers to F1 test


The FIA will send its own observers to the Formula 1 young driver test later this month to ensure that current racers do not work on car developments.

The international governing body has agreed to a change of the testing regulations that will allow teams to use their regular drivers to help out with tire work at the Silverstone test from July 17-19. The move should help Pirelli find a solution that will eradicate the problems it has suffered so far this year.

But with the FIA making it clear that the experienced drivers are only allowed to work on the emergency tire program, it plans to send its own officials to the test. These observers will check the running programs of every team to ensure any car development work is only done by the young drivers who will still be present at the test.

Pirelli has still yet to announce the result of its investigation of what went wrong at Silverstone to cause the series of failures. The company is expected to announce later on Tuesday that it will bring the Kevlar-belted tires that were trialled at the Canadian Grand Prix to Germany this weekend. A bigger change of specification will then come in time for the Hungarian GP, with teams able to test these tires at Silverstone.

Pirelli also has two further private tests planned in the next few weeks, with the FIA having told its motorsport director Paul Hembery at Silverstone that it would be willing to allow the tire company to use a 2013 car if it is required.