Button: McLaren can still win a race

Button: McLaren can still win a race

Formula 1

Button: McLaren can still win a race


Jenson Button says McLaren’s season is not a write-off, despite the team switching its development focus on to the 2014 car.

Button thinks work still being done can help the team move forward, and he is even targeting a podium for the next race in Belgium.

“We still want to win a race, and I still think we can win a race,” said Button. “It is not going to be a complete bad year.

“The start of the season had a few tough races, but the last few races delivered a good step for us. Obviously, we are not going to be happy finishing sixth, fifth, we want to be fighting for wins. But for us to see a definite step forward in terms of performance was very positive.

“Here [in Hungary] we have some more parts which should help us. I don’t know how we will do here in terms of where we will finish, but Spa is a race I am really interested and excited in for fighting for a podium. That has to be our aim, and I think we can [do it]. We are still aiming forward and the aim has to be to win a grand prix this year. Spa is, at the moment, probably the best one to go and look for.”


Although McLaren has struggled with traction and low speed pace this year, its high-speed aero performance has been strong, which is why the car should be strong at Spa. McLaren has also shifted its aero concept away from the ideas it had when it originally designed the MP4-28.

“We have completely changed the car aerodynamically,” explained Button. “It is a completely different philosophy now. It is back to the idea we had last year and the idea most of the pitlane have.

“It was of bringing the airflow over the sidepod to the rear of the car, to the rear wing, floor and diffuser, where you really need the downforce. Now, if you look at the car, it is around the side of the sidepods. They cut in more and it is about trying to get the clean air to the rear of the car.

“It is working well but the development is a long way behind the other teams. That is the reason why we are trailing at the moment.”