Report: Petersen Museum to sell up to a third of its collection

Report: Petersen Museum to sell up to a third of its collection


Report: Petersen Museum to sell up to a third of its collection


The Los Angeles Times reported this week the Petersen Automotive Museum will make significant changes to its collection and facilities under its new owner, businessman and car collector Peter Mullin. According to the Times, about a third of the vehicles in the museum’s collection have been sold or put up for sale.

The Petersen’s new executive staff intends to “breathe some life into the museum,” in the words of Executive Director Terry Karges, via refurbishment of the Petersen’s facilities, which are located in a former department store in downtown Los Angeles. According to the Times, future visitors can expect to see more French cars, including exhibits on loan from Peter Mullin’s own collection and that of the Mullin Automotive Museum, as well as additional exhibits on motorcycles, motorsports and technology.

Explaining the decision to sell such a significant portion of the museum’s collection, Karges cited a lack of space and the quality of cars being auctioned off. He said many are in need of significant restoration.

In an official statement about the changes, Karges said, “We are in the planning stages for a total transformation of our museum and an expansion of our mission. Our founder Robert E. Petersen’s vision of a museum that encapsulates Southern California car culture will be preserved and protected as a destination not just for car lovers but for all people interested in the art, design and history of the automobile.

“As with any well-curated museum, our collection is constantly evolving and we are making room for new additions and vehicles that will make a major impact on future exhibitions while also culling some vehicles that can still be procured when necessary for display.”