FIA bans tire swapping for Germany

FIA bans tire swapping for Germany

Formula 1

FIA bans tire swapping for Germany


The FIA has imposed a ban on tire swapping as well as strict limits on tire pressures and cambers for this weekend’s German Grand Prix.

With everyone in Formula 1 eager to ensure there is no repeat of the tire blow-outs that marred the British GP, the FIA has agreed to a request from Pirelli to enforce strict limits on tire operations. That comes after Pirelli wrote to motor racing’s governing body on Thursday requesting that teams are limited in how they exploit the rubber, because that was viewed as a contributing factor in the Silverstone failures.

In a note sent to the teams on Friday, F1 race director Charlie Whiting said: “For safety reasons, we have been asked by Pirelli to ensure that the tires on all cars are run under the conditions listed below. It will be the responsibility of each team to satisfy the FIA technical delegate that the cars comply with the following requirements at all times.”

The note added that minimum starting pressures front and rear will be 16psi, the minimum stabilized running front pressure will be 20psi, while at the rear it will be 19psi. The maximum negative camber at the front will be four degrees, while at the rear it will be 2.5 degrees.

Furthermore, he said: “Front and rear tires must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally designated (no swapping from side-to-side.)”

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said that despite what happened at Silverstone, some teams had still been eager to push things over limits being laid down by Pirelli.

“We’ve done something similar to what we did at Spa in 2011,” he said. “We’ve written to Charlie and asked him to write to the teams, defining what we require because, despite last weekend, we’ve still had some people asking to do things we didn’t want them to do.”