Aston Martin promises ‘very aggressive’ 2023 car development

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Aston Martin promises ‘very aggressive’ 2023 car development

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Aston Martin promises ‘very aggressive’ 2023 car development


Aston Martin Racing is taking a “very aggressive development strategy” with its 2023 Formula 1 car after making strong progress during the past season, according to technical director Dan Fallows.

The AMR22 started the season off the pace, with Aston Martin failing to score in the first three rounds while also hamstrung by Sebastian Vettel’s absence in the first two of those. From then on, however, the team only had four further scoreless weekends — picking up 30 of its 55 points in the final six rounds — and Fallows says that bodes well for Aston’s plans for 2023.

“It’s been a big factor in building our confidence for next year,” Fallows said. “We clearly started the year with a car that wasn’t where we wanted it to be and we have shown that development — particularly the second half of the season we have really demonstrated the design principles we’ve put in place and some of the philosophies we’re adopting are paying off, and are going to show dividends. So what we’re trying to do next year is to take a very aggressive development strategy but build on those lessons from this year.”

Fallows says the new car will be noticeably different to its predecessor as the former Red Bull head of aerodynamics has enjoyed a hand in its design after joining in April.

“There is a limit to what we can do with the current rules. New cars have to pass the test of my children, so if I put them in front of my children and they say they look different then they look different; they always say they look the same, but within the envelope of the rules we have then yes, there are significant differences on AMR23.”

Despite finishing seventh in the constructors’ championship, team principal Mike Krack says the way the 2022 season showed strong development is one of the biggest plus points of Aston Martin’s year.

“I think it is a very impressive recovery,” Krack said. “You can clearly see the impact of people like Dan joining and others mixing with the people here already. I think we have a lot of momentum and you feel that spirit when you come in here. We have reason to believe we can continue on that path, so all good, really.”

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