Sargeant misses out on Super License point in Mexico

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Sargeant misses out on Super License point in Mexico

Formula 1

Sargeant misses out on Super License point in Mexico


Logan Sargeant missed out on an extra Super License point in FP1 at the Mexico City Grand Prix because he didn’t complete 100km of running.

The Williams youngster is set to step up into Formula 1 next season provided he secures his Super License, with a top-five finish in the Formula 2 championship guaranteeing his future. However, his life can be made easier by picking up extra points for FP1 outings and he gained one in Austin last weekend, but a late red flag in Mexico – the second of the session – stopped Sargeant on 22 laps, one short of completing the required mileage.

“I think the two red flags didn’t help,” Sargeant said. “To be honest I think we did everything we could – we completed a lot of laps, we were running out there as much as we could and it was just unfortunate, I guess.

“I was definitely a lot more comfortable coming into today. Everything slowed down a lot, it was a lot easier to build into a rhythm, learn the track and start to build up to it. I think all in all it was a good step forward and good progress from last weekend.”

Sargeant is currently on 28 Super License points and can add a further one with his final FP1 outing in Abu Dhabi, while a penalty-free weekend in F2 will also earn him two bonus points for a clean season, leaving him with nine needed. That requires a top-six championship finish, although that may become top-seven if his record from Formula 3 last year also earns him two bonus points.

Even with the focus on Super License points, Sargeant says it isn’t changing his mindset or approach each time he drives.

“Not necessarily,” he said. “I think going into the last round it’s obviously tight going into Formula 2, but the chips are on the table and we’re all going to be going for it. One to go – I like my chances.”

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